Press Release

I’m Maureen Gomes Lopez, I made a decision 35 years ago to relocate from Massachusetts to East Providence Rhode Island. I fell in love with this beautiful city and its rich cultural diversity, green space and wonderful friendly people.

I am enthusiastically announcing my campaign for Mayor of East Providence. If elected I will bring in NEW, STRONG and BOLD leadership that is desperately needed for the city. My campaign has been leading a coalition of residents that want to bring responsible government to our city.

Through my leadership I will strive to empower all city residents; to take ownership of our city. We must demand and work to guarantee real transparency while we preserve and protect our cultural values and promote safe environmental development, because not all development is progress. Every community can thrive with the right leadership. I will lead, I will listen, I will empathize with a goal of developing a partnership with residents and their communities.

My unique history of proven leadership that incorporates 25 years of executive managerial, and organizational experience makes me the only qualified candidate that can effectively run the day-to-day management and operational needs of our city. I will be a creditable, responsible, and accountable city mayor and work with the newly elected council members without the constant carnival shows that we witness during the last 4 years. In the next election I implore all residents to very carefully choose council members that will represent their ward and have the city’s best interest as a whole.

In the past 4 years, I have attended 98% of the council meetings including all budget workshops. Through the years I was never convinced that the mayor and his administration were given the council the correct budget numbers. In many of the budget workshops the current administration always appeared to be very defensive of the questions being asked by council members. In my former positions, I have been responsible for managing million-dollar budgets and never seen such miserable explanations in defenses of budget spending.

Transparency is not only about making information available but ensuring it can be easily accessed, understood and used by council members and our residents. My administration will bring real transparency in our city government and its operations. Transparent leadership means leading with openness and honesty. This also means sharing information freely, and invite open communication with our council and residents. This is a powerful leadership quality that I will bring to the position of mayor.

Mayor Bob DaSilva has deliberately prevented good governance principles and structures from being put in place, and has violated the principles of transparency and accountability that has led to the corrupt governing we see now.

Gross incompetence and corruption have eroded the trust we have in this administration. He failed to act in our best interest and has wasted our tax dollars and neglected important community programs and projects. In the up-coming elections you will have a choice to elect someone who will turn the corner on cronyism and corruption. As we think about the 2022 elections, I humbly ask for your vote in the September primary and then the November general elections.

Together we must, be vigilant in changing the dirty politics that have been deeply imbedded in our city for years. In the next election we must turn the corner and stop the old guard and other groups alike from voting their friends and family into offices who do not have our best interest in mind – just their own. With your help we can root out the officials controlling or running election after election who lack morals and values. Together we can support new people that truly want to grow our city and not use their office for personal gain or interest.

In the November election we have a chance to turn the corner on the cronyism and corruption that has plague East Providence for years and as continued with the current Mayor Bob DaSilva.

I am sending this quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the residents of East Providence. “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you”. Please join me and fight for East Providence and help save our city! If you choose to vote for me in the September primary and then the November general election, I will bring ethical and trustworthy representation to the residents, city employees and governing committees that will represent a new administration. Residents can be sure under my leadership their voices and votes will be valued by everyone who serves our great city. I humbly ask for your vote and promise to respect your ideas and recommendations to build a better East Providence.

Professional Leadership Experience, Qualifications and Accomplishments

Chief of Personnel Administration, City of East Providence, Rhode Island

Chief of Personnel Administration, as a member of the Mayor’s Executive Team I reported directly to the mayor and was responsible for management and operation of the Division of Personnel Administration, Human Resource, Payroll and the Affirmative Action program. Worked to create a Personnel Administration division of trust, integrity, discretion and ethics that placed value of all 572-city employees. Provided effective essential communication with all employees with the objective of retaining a highly motivated and well-trained workforce. Partnered with division heads, directors, and managers to bring effective and positive advance supervisory skills and training, while working to ensuring the city’s goals and objectives. Worked with a pay plan listing all position classes in the city with the pay rates or ranges assigned to each class. Administrative budget of $340,000.

Established and introduced the first city employee working job description and yearly employee evaluation process. Created standards for yearly evaluating job performance and supervised the maintenance of personnel files. Ensured the security and maintenance of one personnel file for each employee to be placed in the personnel administration office only. Reviewed with division heads and department heads for evaluating an employee probationary period of six months before an appointment or promotion becomes permanent. Through meetings with employees and managers coordinated a process to identify and create promotional paths within municipal service and provides succession and career planning assistance to all city employees.

Chief Negotiator and administrator for all of the city union collective bargaining agreements, non-union employees, consultants, and all executive employees with “at will” agreements. Responsible for all aspects of the city’s union labor grievance meetings, arbitrations, unemployment insurance hearings and other forums to assist with case presentation, testify and negotiated for resolution where appropriate. Responsible for all aspects of the city’s union labor grievances, mediations, arbitrations Analyzed and interpreted union contracts, statutes and other complex narratives pertinent to the management of employees. Reviewed and established feasible pay plan listing all position classes in the city with the pay rates or ranges assigned to each class.

Direct management of three confidential Human Resources Coordinators that managed assigned city departments and one payroll clerk. Staff provided services in Human Resource Management System housing employee benefit administration and workers’ compensation and all employee payroll function and its policies. Responsible for examination and approved all payrolls; certified that each salary or wage earner has been properly appointed, that the wages conform to the pay plan, and that rules and regulations with regard to sick leaves, overtime, and vacations have been observed and recorded properly.

Provided direct management of all functions regarding employee relations; benefit and payroll administration, talent and skills acquisitions, interviewing, recruiting, testing, hiring, onboarding training, transfer, re-assignments, advancement, retention, separation and exit interviews while managing the city’s Affirmative Action Officer an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity policies. Supervised the Affirmative Action process and ensured all compliance with the requirements of all federal, state and city laws and regulations regarding equal opportunity while providing training and technical assistance as necessary of all departments to comply with equal opportunity. Served as ex-official on the city Affirmative Action and Personnel Hearing committees.

DePuy Synthes Spine, Johnson and Johnson Raynham, Massachusetts a fortune 500 company

Direct Manager of Field Sales Administration – United States America Sales Division with 966+-member salesforce

Managed a multitude of personnel management field functions and prioritized on a daily basis for the Johnson and Johnson United States Sales Division. Responsible for analyzing employee training and development project feasibility, implementation strategy and monitor all program and projects through completion. The three companies combined budget consisted of 3.8 million. Direct responsibility for hiring, preparing field sales staff training, development and compensation planning, completing yearly performance evaluations and salary increases.

Under my supervision a fifteen-member field coordinators team for division of personnel and operations supported company field vice presidents, directors, managers and field associates and provided daily assistants for the all-United States Regions. Responsibility for setting field priorities and deadlines for special field assignments and projects

Developed and facilitated a highly successful four-day Onboarding and Orientation Program for the United States Field staff of 966 + employees. This included: senior field managers, directors, representative and consultants. Collaborated with key essential cross company departments to identify their policies and procedures that was significant to the successful field operations.

Created and trained field employees on Johnson and Johnson Worldwide Healthcare Compliance guidelines, State, Federal government laws and regulations. Program success resulted in the reduction of unauthorized spending which was reduce by 70% for the field employees and eliminated employee compliance violations by 65%.

Created and trained field employees on Johnson and Johnson Worldwide Healthcare Compliance guidelines, State, Federal government laws and regulations. Program success resulted in the reduction of unauthorized spending which equaled 70% of the field salesforce. This eliminated employee compliance violations by 65%.

Johnson and Johnson Awards

Leadership Award: Recognition for achieving exceptional business results by demonstrating outstanding leadership behaviors: collaboration and teaming, organization & talent development, results and performance driven. Global Leadership Profile Award: Big picture orientation with attention to detail collaboration and teaming, sense of urgency & results and performance driven. Game Changing Project Leadership Award: -Conversion of Distributor, their employees and consultants from a distributorship to a direct Johnson and Johnson employee. Leadership Award: In recognition of achieving exceptional business results by demonstrating outstanding behaviors embodied in the tenets of the Johnson and Johnson Global leadership profile for Executive Managers. HealthCare Compliance Liaison Program Recognition: For recognition of your support in the DePuy Spine, Johnson and Johnson Liaison Program Encore Award.

American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Council 93 Public Employee Union, Boston MA (6,500 Employees)

Administrative Director of Higher Education, Massachusetts

Administered council level union representation for all 28 Massachusetts Universities, State and Community College employees. Chief Negotiator responsible for negotiating Massachusetts Higher Education Universities.

Under my supervision a fifteen-member field coordinators team for division of personnel and operations supported company field vice presidents, directors, managers and field associates and provided daily assistants for the all-United States Regions. Responsibility for setting field priorities and deadlines for special field assignments and projects.

State and Community Colleges contracts with Governor’s office, Board of Regents, and the Human Resource Officers of each University, State and Community College. State Council coalition negotiator and representation for Police Officers, Middle Management, Clerical, and technical employees. Responsible for testifying in Massachusetts State House hearings to promote living wages, healthcare benefits, women’s rights program for employees.

Lead quarterly meetings with Massachusetts University, State, and Community College Presidents and/or Human Resources Directors to investigate contract violations. Lead joint Union Management Educational projects and Employee Awards programs. Created a Higher Education Coalition of all Massachusetts local unions. Conducted monthly meetings with each of the employee unions that provided direction and training for all contract violations; class actions suite, mediation and diverse hearings etc. Collected, compiled and evaluated labor economics data research and determined appropriate adherence to labor contract terms and agreement and salary structure. Prepared numerous reports and used information in yearly council and state house public hearings.

Lead higher educational events for employees designed to inform them of their legal rights to fair employment, fair housing, educational opportunity, voting rights. Prepared and distribute literature that would help union members to make informed Life/Work decisions. Created AFSCME Council 93 Women’s committee. Wrote the by-laws and charter for committee direction.

Prepared detailed analytical reports and related documentation to properly represent state employee contract violation. Collected compiled and evaluated labor economics data/research to determined appropriate adherence to labor contract term and agreements. Wrote reports and used information in public hearings. Prepared documentation for evidence pertaining class action, arbitrations, meditation hearings.

AFSCME Higher Education Executive Board Member -15 years AFSCME International Higher Education Organizing Board -10 years AFSCME President Massachusetts Women’s Committee -8 years AFSCME President of the UMASS Union President’s Council -5 years AFSCME President of UMass Union Local 507 -10 years.

University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth Massachusetts

System Analyst - University Department of Information Technology

Analyzed, designed and tested computer systems and programs to accommodate university departments. Prepared reports and related documentation for all departments. Supervised 2 staff members and 16 work-study students.

Created documentation and materials for workshops and seminars for mainframe and computer system. Training consisted of individual and/or group computer workshops for 820 employees. Established a university employee help hotline that addressed computer issues and provided employee support.

Developed a training program that was recognized by the” Personal and Professional Magazine” the independent magazine for Digital Personal Computers users. Full Story the creation of a computer user program employee.

University of UMass Awards and Recognitions

Commonwealth of Massachusetts “Pride and Performance Award & Citations for Outstanding Performance”. University, State and Community Colleges Distinguished Service Award. Recognized in ”Personal & Professional Magazine” a magazine for Digital Personal Computer users. Professional Executive Administrative Leadership Program.

Stonehill College, Easton, MA- Computer Technology  

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth MA: Multiple Disciplinary Programs - Psychology and Labor Relations.

Our Sister Place (OSP)– Domestic Violence Shelter – President

One of four founders of Our Sister Place a Domestic Violence Shelter that provides a safe refuge and a program of support and empowerment for women and children who are victims of domestic (family) violence in Massachusetts. Our Sister ‘s Place also has a 24-hour crisis hotline. Responsible for the overall operations of this non-profit organization that provided safe and confidential shelter for victims of domestic violence. Managing 10 staff members with a budget of $365,000.

Including maintaining Federal, State funding, FEMA, along with yearly grant funding and public programs and private regional organization donations. Organized the first Domestic Violence Telethon in the United States with the collaboration of the Mayor of Fall River, Cox Communication, and the Durfee High School administration. We ran a live television program for 6 hours and raised a total of 64,000 for the shelter. Many public officials, state senators and state representatives participated in the program along with child counselors, domestic violence advocates and Fall River members of the police department and victims who experience domestic Violence.

Created policies and procedures including by-laws for the efficient and effective for the Executive Board and the successful operation of the shelter. Worked with the Fall River police department to provide the victims with the best possible security. Held domestic violence training programs for the greater Fall River court system which included their judges, attorneys and court advocate staff. Planned services that provided individual and group counseling, legal services and court child advocacy program. Coordinated housing assistance and intervention with other New England agencies to meet the needs of the shelter’s clients. Outreach programs and ongoing support after families exit the shelter.

Partnered with a “Men who batter” organization to provide guidance and training on implementation of program that would provide counseling for the men who have been place in the program mandated by the courts.

Manage Our Sister Place educational programs and activities successful volunteer training program, and guest lectures, and domestic violence fundraising events. Developed community education by providing a speaker bureau to respond to media, civic and local groups on the issues of domestic violence.

Our Sister’s Awards

City of Fall River Official Resolution of: her unselfish dedication in making “Our Sister’s Place compassionate and secure shelter for battered women and their children in the greater Fall River Community.

City of Fall River Official Citation – In recognition of work on half of the victims of domestic violence.

Our Sister Place – Certificate of Recognition – with great appreciation for your selfless dedication to the mission of helping women and children throughout Greater Fall River build violence-free lives. Your leadership, determination, compassion and inspiration have opened minds and heart to the issue of domestic violence, and have made Our Sister’ Place a thriving shelter and a beacon of hope for so many.

Femme Forte’ LCC, Fall River Massachusetts - Vice President Marketing and Sales

Femme Forte is a unique blend of all-natural antioxidant juices with the recommended Daily Intake or daily value of calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and Vitamin C with three distinct and delicious flavors featuring black currant with blueberry, cranberry and raspberry.

As Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Customer Relations developed a unique Partnership that included a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Glasgow Consulting Group Developers (creators of “Silk milks”) to formulate juice blends and Jungbunzlauer, Inc. to formulate nutrient blends. This company is located in Bristol Rhode Island.

Also entered into a strategic partnering with the owner and operator of Norwich Beverage Company, who is an experienced juice manufacturer and co-packer for other successful juice companies in the New England & the Northeast that has distribution relationships with Whole Foods, Market Basket, Stop & Shop. This manufacturer and co-packer operation is the largest black currant farm in the United States and grows and juice products.

Creola Gold Collaboration CEO- Publicist

The Creola Gold Collaboration operates as a Publicist/Public Relations consultant promoting Authors, Poets, Artists of all genres, Motivational and Inspirational Speakers. In today's world these talented people face challenges in gaining opportunities to promote their accomplishments.

CGC goal as a Publicist and Public Relations consultant is to be the bridge between clients and all media outlets while being flexible and willing to help them build a strong presence and coverage in the media world. Creola Gold Collaboration’s main priority is to successfully represent clients to ensure fair and equal footage in the world of their craft. Creola Gold Collaboration is deeply committed to the greatest success of all clients.

Affiliations and Memberships

R.I.S.E Women in Leadership (Realizing, Inspirational and Sustaining Excellent)

Our Sister Place, Domestic Violence Shelter (confidential)

NAACP – New Bedford, Massachusetts

Women Fund of Rhode Island

Women Fund New England

League of Women Voters, Rhode Island

Mom’s Against Violence

Cape Verdean Progressive Center Rhode Island

Goals & Objectives

Dear Residents - August 15, 2022

I have posted articles from April thru June in the Reporter, Post and Apraca magazine and on Facebook explaining why I am running for mayor and also posted my 25 years career history of executive managerial leadership, organizational, crisis management, and negotiations experience in public and private sector. If you have not already visited my website to review my qualifications, please visit or send me an email at You have heard from the rest of the candidates, and now I am asking for your vote because my record proves that I am the best “qualified” candidate to be the next mayor and build a stronger resilient East Providence that residents can be proud of. It is clear, we cannot afford to keep an incompetent individual with no professional executive experience to handle the office of mayor. In 2018 we voted to have 2 forms of government to allow for the separation of powers. Our residents cannot afford to elect a candidate that is already violating our charter by campaigning with the Ward 2 and Ward 4 councilors and sharing a campaign headquarters with them. We also have a candidate who runs several businesses and interested in a portfolio for contract building but has no knowledge or experience that can successfully deal with all aspects of our city government. As your mayor my goals and objectives are to build a new stronger foundation for East Providence future. Here are a few of my goals for our city.

Auditing - Immediate independent audit of all city accounts, including grants, all state and federal funding. Ensure fiscal responsibility at all levels of our city government. Review all tax structures and find ways to reduce tax burdens for our residents. Our city has been given a once in a lifetime funding opportunity from the federal and state government. However, how we spend these funds can determine our city’s future. It is imperative that residents elect an experience leader with the knowledge to work in the cities best interest.

Administration Staff - I am committed to hiring members of my executive staff that has the experience and meets the job descriptions needed for the executive office of the city. We cannot continue the practice of hiring friends and family who lack the professional experiences and knowledge required for these important positions. The city deserves a team of experts.

Mayor Communications - Hold quarterly town hall meetings, individual community meetings establish to keep residents informed of all city plans, programs activities and development opportunities. Meet with organizations throughout the city to see where the mayor’s office can help in reaching our community goals together.

City Taxes - I will be dedicated to reducing the present tax burden on our residents and finding solutions that will result in lowing property taxes and stabilize our rising tax rates. City property revaluations are scheduled for 2023 and I will ensure that the companies and individuals that will be handling this important task are license qualified individuals that will provide fair and equitable evaluations.

City Development and Economic Growth - My rules of engagement for our economic future will be to negotiate with developers that understand I will be working in the best interest of our community development goals. There will be a full Investigation of all past development agreements and I will make it a point to conduct a survey on safe development growth opportunities. This will be at the top of my agenda.

City Utilities -water sewer reports and taxes - Our current mayor signed a 10-year contract renewal with SUEZ, the city's water and wastewater service provider.

Under the new $49.8 million contract, SUEZ will be required to make $1 million in capital improvements per year, resolve odor issues, and invest in new technologies to protect the city from sewer overflows and enhance compliance measures. I will review the current contract and meet and request that the company give me a bi-annual water quality report that will provide information on our city’s water sources and safety. I will dedicate state and federal funding to upgrade our outdated sewer and water systems to ensure that we have done all we can to protect our residents.

City Businesses Small and Large support – I will develop a stronger partnership with city businesses to work on a long-term plan to stabilize and help promote their economic growth. After the effects of the pandemic, our businesses have been holding on and hoping for relief in the way of funding. I will put all our efforts into providing for stabilization and ensure future growth of our business community. The new administration will guarantee a stronger partnership with our small and large businesses to ensure that every dollar available for business survival is used from grants, state and federal funding.

Green Space and Historical Preservation Environment protection - A community taskforce will be created to identify green space and historical sites. We will have a sustainable city plan to safe guard our green space and also preserve our historical buildings and land marks.

Housing Accessible - Affordable We can’t 100% fund our way out of the housing problem we face in East Providence. My administration will need to fundamentally use common sense planning on building housing in our city. According to HousingWorks RI’s 2021 in 2020 there was no city or town where a family making a yearly income of almost $70 thousand could buy a home. The cost of affordable buying and affordably living by renting, right now, is not attainable. Families must spend 30% of their income on housing. I will work with our state agencies, nonprofit and for-profit home builders which will help to expedites sustainable energy efficient buildings of homes and diversity of home types such as apartment and multi-family dwelling housing needs.

Family Support - Through city, state and federal funding my administration will create a family incentive service that will support our families by introducing quality before/after school and summer programs for their children. We must work to make it possible for young families that live in the city and we must create an opportunity to also bring new families into our city through a family FIRST support program. We have a state-of-the-art high school but our K to middle schools is shamefully overdue for safety and learning environment needs.

Infrastructure and Roads - Develop a real project plan to repair our roads and infrastructure on a regular basis. What were seeing now is an attempt to patch numerous city streets and roads, all done for election purposes. I will guarantee that I will create an overall plan to ensure we have a viably schedule to get this work done in a timely fashion.

Safety Issues, Camara System - For 4 years there were no attempt to stop the speeding on our streets and without input or recommendations from the Police Chief and the members of the police officer’s union. Our current mayor entered into an agreement with Sensys Gatso costing the city tax payers the following (information pulled from 17 pages of the 5-year contract agreement). Billing cost for their system and related service for the red-light fixes fee is $1,800 per month plus $15.40 per individual for administration fees for violation notifications.

As for the speeding system per month, the fee is $2,500 for camaras with a $7.30 for each administrative fees for violation notifications. These tax dollars should have been placed in our police department to add more police officers in our communities. Having police at our school districts is a better option. Installing speed bumps in areas of need is worth pursuing. Currently our city is paying $4,300 a month just for equipment use and the additional individual violation costs has created a three-tier system of money grabbing. Our city residents would like to know where the profits that the city collects for this program is going. One place it is not going is lowering of our tax burden.

Senior Center – I have met with numerous senior center members over the last few months. The center has lost much of its “loyalty” to senior residents since Robert Rock, the past senior center director left. Our seniors are very unhappy with the current atmosphere. The center should be a place where our seniors can socialize with other city seniors in different times of the day. The center should thrive to provide a social, educational and welcoming environment which can go far in offering excellent quality of life programs and services and social events. I recently spend most of the day at the center. There were very few social events scheduled and the busiest time of the day was the lunch time assistance. The center should provide educational and stimulating social programs. Also, senior housing is a present issue in this city. My administration will take a hard look at this problem as we create access to affordable housing.

Our Children our Schools – I will work with the school committee members to provide after pandemic care to all levels of our educational environment. We have a state-of-the-art high school but our lower city schools have become a safety concern. We need to assess all our schools in regards to health and safety issues. Our new federal funding will provide the opportunity to invest in our educational structure and reshape our school system in many ways. Our teachers need a support assistant program in every classroom on a regular basis. Let’s create a stress-free environment for the students and teachers.

Reshaping and rebuilding our educational systems must be one of our top priorities. It will take a responsible leader to manage all aspects of need vs funding levels. This will include making educational opportunity for East Providence adult population.

Great Buildings in our city that have remained vacant for years - There are many vacant buildings in several communities that can be refurbish and used for housing or recreational needs. I will take a good look at these buildings and see what is required to bring them up to code and be useful to the city and its communities.

City Organizations support - Cultural appropriate outreach is a way to unite our city and support our neighborhoods. We should be investing state and federal funding that will allow for partnerships with all diverse community organizations. East Providence is rich with a wonderful multi-cultural environment let’s keep our city together and not divide our cultural residents by not spreading equal funding to all organizations.

Police and Fire department - Our Police and Fire departments will be provided with additional funds for department growth and safety needs. I will take a serious look at the Police departments building. There are many health issues concerning regarding the ventilation system and other safety problems within the building structure that need to be investigated.

I ask for your trust and vote on Primary day, September 13th. Let’s move forward together to build a stronger East Providence.
Maureen Gomes Lopez, candidate for Mayor of East Providence.